Are Mats and Panels for indoor use only?

Due to the material from which our vertical gardens are made, they are resistant to weather conditions. In highly sunny places, we recommend the use of products with UV certificates to prevent possible fading of the product.

Where can you see Green Designers Products live?

We invite you to our showroom at 34 Leśna Street in Pilawa near Warsaw. We also invite you to take a virtual walk around our showroom. It presents examples of mats and panels from our offer. There are also projects with the use of our products throughout the country. Call or write to us to find out more.

How to clean Green Designers panels mats from dust?

All our mats and panels are anti-static. Which prevents dust from settling on them. Additionally, each panel is protected against implementation with an antistatic agent. And if it happens that heavier dust settles on them, simply wipe the leaves with a dust brush or use compressed air.

How long does it take to fulfill the order?

The delivery time depends largely on the nature of the order. All mats that are in stock, can be shipped within a few days. If we are talking about panels, depending on the size of the green wall, prefabrication takes at least 10 working days. Each time the completion date is set individually, because in the case of very large orders or a tight work schedule, this time may be extended.

How can I return a product purchased in your online store?

All you need to do is send us an e-mail request for a return within 14 days of receiving the goods. The further procedure will be sent by e-mail.

What is the difference between Mats and Green Designers Panels?

The panels are made to order, which requires individual agreement on the size and nature of the vertical garden. The panels that are in our online store are an example of a composition. We are able to transfer the form of each of them to any size surface. Models can also be freely combined after prior arrangement by e-mail or telephone. It is also possible to design an individual green wall, tailored to the client's needs.

The mats are modular pieces of flexible mesh with dimensions of 60 x 40 cm, composed of 1-4 types of leaves. Each piece of a given product consists of the same elements, so you can easily and quickly cover any surface with it. The net on which the mats are made can be easily cut to the desired size and shape, even with scissors.

How does the assembly of the Panels look like?

After prior arrangement of the order details with the client and prefabrication of the order, the diagram is created in our branch and individual panels are numbered. This way, you know exactly where to mount each element so that you get a consistent composition of artificial plants. Due to the light structure of the product, we recommend the use of mounting glue, and additionally, for the time of drying, we suggest securing the panels with screws. It is also possible to order a comprehensive service with assembly.

What does the assembly of the Mat look like?

Before starting the installation, we recommend that the surface on which the Green Designers mats will be installed is painted black. This eliminates the possibility of any clearances in the mat structure and additionally gives more depth to the products.

Regarding the assembly itself, there are several ways, depending on the base on which we will install. If the surface is soft enough like sterling OSB or GC, it is enough to use a taker (stapler) and nail the mesh on which the mat is placed to the wall. However, if the wall is too hard, use wall plugs and hang mats properly connected to each other on the wall plugs.

You can also mount any board on the wall - GC, MDF, HDF, OSB and fix the mats on it with a tiller. It is also possible to order a comprehensive service with assembly

Can you combine discount codes in one order?

Discount codes cannot be combined. Only one discount code can be used in an order.

Do discount codes combine with other promotions in the store?

You cannot use the discount code for products on sale.

If you have any questions, please contact biuro@green-designers.pl or telephone number +48 517 203 588.


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