Green Designers vertical gardens are a solution that allows the green wall to become a part of any space. Mats made of artificial plants and green panels do not require any special care and work well anywhere - in an apartment or office.

The greatest advantage of our products is their versatility - walls made of artificial plants work well almost anywhere. Greening of dark and poorly sunny interiors ceases to be a problem where real potted plants would not have a chance to survive. We can create vertical gardens from artificial plants in a dark bathroom, kitchen, hallway or staircase. There are also no costs of maintaining and replacing plants that have not caught on or have died. A huge number of types of good-quality artificial substitutes, which look deceptively similar to living plants makes it possible for the green wall to become part of our space, without the need for constant care.

Vertical gardens - the magic of the green wall

Green vertical gardens is a modern idea for arranging an interior where we want to relax, soothe our senses and feel at ease. Vertical gardens are not only an innovative decoration, but also affect our well-being.

Our store offers a wide selection of vertical gardens in any form, shape and style. Our green walls, thanks to the high-quality materials used in the production of each vertical garden, perfectly imitate real vegetation. The choice of arrangement is yours - you can create vertical gardens with the climate of a flower meadow, forest cover, Amazon forest or mountain vegetation. See for yourself that each artificial vertical garden in our assortment is unique and created with attention to every detail. Choose green panels that will make your interior no longer trivial - a vertical garden will make it full of energy, freshness and dynamism.

The versatility of vertical gardens - arrange your space creatively

You can use any room in the house to design a vertical garden. Vertical gardens will create a specific atmosphere, and the uniqueness of green walls will enrich both modern and traditional styling. The most common solution in interior design is a vertical garden in the living room - green walls made of plants can occupy the entire surface of the ceiling or constitute a single composition on one of the walls. A vertical garden can also decorate the bathroom space - a green moss wall by the bathtub will put everyone in a great mood and refresh it as effectively as a cold shower. A vertical garden on the wall in the bedroom will bring peace and tranquility. Artificial greenery can also replace potted plants for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, because our products are antistatic.

Vertical gardens on the wall - create an original vertical garden at home

The great advantage of our vertical gardens is the infinite number of compositions and arrangements that you can create with their use. One of the more interesting ideas is to build a green Tropical Freshness wall that will decorate the wall in the kitchen or dining room. St. John's wort, lush lentils, small cress flowers or a shapely lamb's lettuce - you choose components for your vertical home garden. A green wall will certainly enhance the aesthetic value of any style of kitchen - this type of vertical garden will look intriguing even on a small wall area.

Not only green walls - colorful mats made of artificial plants in your vertical garden

Who said vertical gardens only have to be green? If you want to liven up the interior with a strong floral accent, check out our vertical gardens, which are compositions of colorful flowers. The vertical Passion Fruit garden is an exceptionally original composition of exotic plants such as a banana tree or a red-purple bird of paradise. In the vertical garden of the Hummingbird, lianas add charm to the background of palm leaves interspersed with bells and red buds. An avant-garde alternative to a green wall are vertical gardens in magenta color, created by a dense tangle of fuchsia twigs. A vertical rose wall in intimate, saturated maroon and purple colors will be a perfect solution to give the bedroom a romantic character - love will always "bloom" in such a vertical garden.

Artificial vertical garden outside - functionality and style of green walls

Nothing prevents you from planning your green space also outside. A vertical garden on a balcony in the form of a mobile wall is a great option if you want to separate yourself from your neighbors in a block of flats or in a common space in front of the house. In addition to its function, the practical advantage of an external vertical garden is also its unique decorative character. In our store's offer you will find specially designed vertical gardens resistant to UV rays, thanks to which you can enjoy the closeness of nature all year round. They are durable, so they will serve you for years, so that you can have a vertical garden at your fingertips.

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