Why Choose Artificial Plants? Remarkable visual effect and practical advantages of green decorations

Why Choose Artificial Plants? Remarkable visual effect and practical advantages of green decorations

Hand-made decorations made of artificial plants allow you to achieve a fully realistic effect. Thanks to modern materials, technological precision and unusual designs, it is possible to create artificial plants that not only look like real, but also create unique compositions. Effectiveness is combined with many practical advantages. These include the possibility of use in any place and conditions, maintenance-free, easy to clean (thanks to antistatic protection) and safety for people and animals.

Green gardens like the real thing. Unique patterns and unique compositions

The patterns of green walls, decorative compositions and vertical gardens of Green Designers are unique. Each of them is designed and made individually. The available designs also allow for significant color differentiation of the compositions. Modern materials allow for an extremely faithful imitation of natural colors, forms and structures - each stalk and the tiniest leaf is unique. Both artificial potted plants and vertical ornamental compositions nuance shades and shapes, which allows you to achieve visual realism.
It is visible in complex plant combinations, such as unusual single-species panel decorations, mats made of artificial plants , as well as in simpler decorative potted plants or suspended moss balls.. The compositions can also be adapted to unusual, individual requirements - this applies to their species composition and sizes. High-quality workmanship makes all the compositions look like real plants - they resemble live counterparts.
Real green plants take many years to reach the desired size. This is especially true of massive tropical vines and ornamental trees such as palm trees. In the case of artificial plants, the target size is reached immediately. You can choose any height, from miniature compositions to monumental ones.

Decorative greenery in all, even the most difficult conditions

An unusual vertical garden with artificial plants can be established wherever the use of natural plants is not possible. Also, interiors without light and hard-to-reach high walls can be decorated with a unique green garden. It is a perfect solution for all spaces where natural plants will not survive. They also include furniture - thanks to artificial plants you can create, for example, an unusual coffee table in greenery .
The obstacle in setting up an exotic garden is no longer the lack of access to water, low temperature, inadequate humidity or the negative impact of air conditioning. Artificial plants can decorate blind kitchens, garages and windowless bathrooms and hallways - creating an unusual and at the same time particularly human-friendly decor. Vertical gardens can be set up on inaccessible walls, decoration made of artificial plants will also work well on terraces and roofs. It is an excellent choice for places with too high humidity for natural plants, e.g. for beauty salons and SPAs.

Remarkable visual effects - a variety of forms and sizes

The dense and lush structure of artificial plants requires excellent materials and good graphic design. We use a variety of shapes, forms and sizes of plants. This allows for unusual visual effects - incl. e.g. green walls in the form of a circle or very interesting suspended moss balls. Unusual forms can be used especially in ceiling decorations, where natural plants cannot be used.
This allows not only to obtain natural and realistic effects. Geometric and irregular forms are also possible. Green inscriptions made of artificial plants are especially interesting, they are perfect as decorations for special events. Irregular, unusual forms are either not possible with living plants or are very time and labor-intensive.

Maintenance-free maintenance of fabulous gardens made of artificial plants

In public places and in enterprises, there is often a shortage of people who could constantly take care of greenery. Meanwhile, the care of artificial plants is completely maintenance-free! Artificial plants do not need care, they are not associated with any additional expenses and time losses. Additionally, in crowded public places they provide protection against noise.
Artificial plants
they do not need watering or additional lighting. Due to the unusual forms and variety of sizes, the visual effect of green walls, vertical gardens and large exotic artificial plants is often even better than in the case of natural greenery. With no access to daylight, it makes no sense to use live plants that require very expensive UV lamps. Artificial plants are made of antistatic materials, so they do not need to be cleaned.

Freedom and no worries during holiday trips

Natural plants require constant care, watering and optimal temperatures. This is often a big problem, associated with the need to provide them with care during longer trips. Artificial flowers mean you don't have to worry when going on holiday - they don't need any care.
This problem also affects small businesses and service points. Thanks to decorations made of artificial plants, the need to temporarily close the premises will not mean the need to care for natural plants.

Professional applications - green gardens for companies, shops and service providers

The durability, effectiveness and ease of care of artificial plant decorations make them an excellent choice for professional use. They are perfect wherever natural plants could be easily damaged, and also where they would pose a threat to delicate goods.
Such venues include, for example, showrooms, grocery and clothing stores, receptions, lecture and conference rooms, and shopping islands. An artificial green wall (e.g. the colorful Exotic Vibe wall ) is also a great frame for large-format advertising materials.
Also a beauty salon, hairdresser, doctor's office, gym and SPA are places where it is difficult to use natural plants. This is related not only to the unfavorable humidity and temperature for them - hygiene and cleanliness are even more important, provided only by artificial plants.

Artificial plants - a solution for anyone who does not want to deal with flowers

Not everyone likes gardening, there are also people among us who do not have a hand for flowers. Artificial plants do not require knowledge and skills, they do not need to be spent time and effort. Artificial plants can also replace the most difficult to cultivate and the most demanding plants.
These include, for example, large potted palms that need a lot of care, such as a date tree that requires time-consuming pruning. The artificial date palm will allow everyone to enjoy this species, which is difficult to grow. Artificial plants are green all year round, so they create an undemanding winter garden. It can also be an unusual orangery or a palm house. Thanks to artificial plants, you can enjoy the greenery all year round, without having to care for them.

Safety for people and animals - refractory materials without harmful substances

It is worth paying attention to the fact that live plants are not always safe for animals and children. Some of them are toxic and very dangerous. Artificial plants made of the highest quality materials are completely safe. This also applies to the materials used, which do not emit harmful substances.
The artificial plants offered by Green Designers are distinguished by a flame retardant certificate (FR). It is often required during public investments. Plant decorations are also resistant to sunlight and weather conditions - this is confirmed by the UV certificate. Our products can therefore be placed in any space, also outside buildings.

Antistatic artificial plants on which dust does not settle

Green Designers artificial plants are antistatic - no dust settles on any of them. This resistance applies to every product - including green walls with a complex structure (e.g. made of moss). Contamination with soil, fertilizers and plant protection products is also not associated with artificial plants.

Low cost of purchasing and caring for artificial plants

Artificial flowers do not require care, so the cost of maintaining them is very low. They also do not require any time investment. Real palm trees in large sizes are a huge expense - thanks to the use of artificial plants, an exotic garden at home can be created at a one-time cost. This also applies to useful plants, from which we create horizontal and vertical decorations. An artificial ivy mat will be cheaper to maintain than a living green wall.
Contrary to appearances, the ecological cost of artificial plants is also low. Natural plants require a lot of heat, water and chemical protection measures, and are often transported from exotic countries far away. Artificial plants are extremely durable, they serve for many years, which in turn contributes to the reduction of ecological costs.

Easy to install and no extra cost

It is not necessary to professionally assemble decorations made of artificial flowers and plant decorations. Everyone can easily install all the products themselves - including large panels of vertical gardens, suspended green ceilings, green paintings and mobile walls. Even the largest, complex compositions, such as the best-selling Alpine vertical garden , can be installed in a few simple steps, without the need for special equipment.
Therefore, there are no additional costs associated with artificial plants. There is no need to replace any components. Artificial plants do not need to be repotted and trimmed, so there are also no costs associated with their care. The final price includes only the finished product itself for easy and quick installation and shipping.

Tropical jungle in the apartment - unusual exotic plants

Not all exotic plants can be grown in pots, many of them will not survive even in professional conservatories and palm houses. Artificial greenery also allows the use of plants that would not naturally survive in the Polish climate.
Thanks to this, we can use tropical and exotic plants in our homes and offices. Palm trees, cycads and banana trees are miniature plants in Polish apartments. Their artificial counterparts allow you to create a tropical jungle, in which you can also use very large palm trees. For example, the artificial Sabal palm tree , which is 3.5 meters high, is very impressive . It is an unusual decoration for high rooms in representative company headquarters and public buildings.

Artificial plants are an excellent choice for events and special events

Artificial vegetation is perfect for organizing special events and events. The advantage of this solution is effective and easy to use flower and plant compositions. Live flowers wilt quickly, so you have to throw them away after a short time. An ideal alternative is the periodic rental of ready-made decorative panels . As a result, we save time and costs!
The important thing in decorating weddings and receptions is that the lush, deep, vivid green of artificial plants can also be used in winter. The Green Designers wedding collection includes amazingly beautiful designs - including rose walls, floral paintings, plant hoops and letters made of artificial plants. Walls composed of thousands of flowers (e.g. a painting made of American Dream roses) can become the most beautiful decoration of a wedding hall.

The highest quality of materials and workmanship. Handcrafted artificial flowers and green gardens

Modern decorations made of artificial flowers are characterized not only by unusual aesthetic properties. They also have many practical advantages. Resistance to dust and dirt and the possibility of using decorations in freely chosen spaces are associated with the technical excellence of Green Designers artificial plants. These advantages determine the highest-quality materials, which are also completely safe for animals and people.
The precision of workmanship is even more important - decorations made of artificial flowers by Green Designers are made by hand. Their aesthetics is related to the careful selection of colors and forms - all decoration designs are unique. Their uniqueness is guaranteed by the careful selection of artificial plants, each of which is different from the others. Carefully selected details and nuances of colors and forms allow for beauty, uniqueness and realism.

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