Which plants to choose for the office? Flame-retardant plants

Which plants to choose for the office? Flame-retardant plants

Which plants to choose for the office? Flame-retardant plants

The office is a place that is a showcase of every company. It is not only perfect furniture or prevailing cleanliness, but also accessories that will bring an amazing atmosphere. It is worth putting on decorations in the form of plants in your office. However, many of them require care and watering, which are often difficult to afford at work. A busy schedule, a series of meetings and chasing deadlines make it difficult or even impossible to use proper care. After all, plants, instead of scaring them, are supposed to be eye-catching and evoke positive emotions. A good solution is to buy artificial plants, especially those made of flame-retardant materials.

Why is it worth choosing plant decorations in the office?

Artificial plants in the office should be a permanent interior decoration, and all thanks to the many benefits of arranging space with their participation.

The undoubted advantage is that there is no need for constant care. These are undemanding plants. Such flowers are evergreen and beautiful, thanks to which we do not have to waste time watering, transplanting or picking off dried leaves. As they are made of plastic, they do not dry out, thanks to which we have no problem with constant cleaning, and if the pot is turned over, the soil will not spill out.

Importantly, such plants in the office are an ideal option for allergy sufferers, as they do not emit any pollen that could significantly reduce the comfort of work and cause a number of disturbing ailments. Artificial office plants can also be used in any room, regardless of the amount of light, temperature or humidity. They will not grow like live plants to sky-high sizes, which will become troublesome in office space.

It is worth adding that plants in the workplace - including artificial ones - also have a beneficial effect on well-being, especially green color, which calms you down and introduces a positive mood.

Flame-resistant plants for the office - advantages

Among the artificial plants that are worth placing in your office, you can also be interested in ready-made compositions made of flame-retardant materials. They are based on inserts that have flame retardant certificates. Thanks to this, we can be sure of safety, because they are fire-resistant plants, and the consent of the health and safety inspector will only be a formality. They can be adapted to be embedded in any pot of different height and width. They are resistant to UV radiation and do not require any care, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Such plants in the office practically do not differ from live flowers, and additionally give even better visual effects, pleasing the eye for many years. Having an empty wall to choose from, we can choose a wall mat made of plants , which also has a flame retardant certificate - thanks to this, its use in public places is completely legal, and the visual effects exceed all expectations.

Which houseplants for the office?

People very often look for information which plants to choose for an office without a window. In the case of artificial plants, the absence or presence of a window is of no importance. After all, these are plants that don't need light to exist. It all depends on the preferences and dimensions of the free space on which the plants can stand.

There is also no limit to the need to create the right climate. Artificial plants in the office can be varied, and placing a tropical palm tree will not prevent it from surviving even a few days in the climatic conditions of the office. Therefore, plants for the office should be selected in accordance with individual needs. It can be, for example , a monstera , agave or palm tree , but also many others. Synthetic green respects every whim!

Or maybe XXL palms or ornamental grasses?

When looking for unusual solutions for your office, choose XXL palm trees . These are amazing trees up to 3 meters high that will impress every visitor to the company. It can be, for example, a beautiful strelitzia . Regardless of the choice, the impressive size exotic plant will work great in any interior.

Another option is to buy ornamental grass , which will also fit perfectly into any arrangement. Once used rather only in gardens and terraces, today ornamental grass is more and more often and more willingly used in office and home spaces.

What size of plants to choose for the office?

The multitude of plant species makes it sometimes difficult to decide what decorations to choose. The flowers are also available in many different sizes. From the smallest, which are perfect for cabinets or desk edges, but also large ones, which will become a powerful and distinctive decoration of the company. An ideal option may be, for example, your own artificial Oleander tree , almost 2 meters high, or the sprawling Cycas tree.

If you are still wondering whether plants made of artificial materials for the office are suitable, it is worth rethinking their advantages, which in many aspects outweigh live plants. First of all, they are easy to care for - you do not have to worry about constant watering, fertilizing, removing dead leaves or fighting pests. It is a perfect decoration, completely hassle-free and undemanding, and at the same time very safe, due to its non-flammable properties. If you dream of a plant aesthetic effect in the office, but you exclude living green for various reasons, artificial plants may be the perfect solution to your dilemmas.

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