Green mats, i.e. a vertical garden on your balcony

Green mats, i.e. a vertical garden on your balcony

Summer begins, and with it beautiful home gardens on terraces and plots flourish. A green wall on the balcony is a wonderful, atmospheric decoration. However, caring for plants is a demanding task that few can do. Constant watering, transplanting and fertilizing requires discipline. For a working person, gardening often ends with dried ferns. In the end, she decides to leave only the cacti and an empty, sad balcony. It doesn't have to be this way! All you need to do is reach for green mats that will give your balconies a unique glow. You can enjoy the beautiful view of lush vegetation without any worries.

Green wall as a cover for the balcony - the advantages of the solution

Mats bring many benefits that are invisible at first glance. Balcony mat made of artificial plants is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers and people who do not like demanding work with plants. They do not emit irritating substances and are not exposed to insects.
Artificial plants are about ensuring durability. They are resistant to weather conditions and do not wilt. Outdoor mats are protected against the harmful effects of UV rays. Thanks to this, they do not fade and will be with you for many years. It is worth remembering that high quality and modern technologies provide us with artificial plants for the wall that look alive in every detail.

Balcony mat made of artificial plants - types and properties

A green wall for a balcony is the perfect place to test your creativity. Among the available mats, we can find many species, imitating the most charming green plants, such as mint, ferns, duckweed, ivy, spurge and eucalyptus, as well as phenomenal  vertical gardens . Patterns with delicate plants and clear arrangements will attract attention in every room or balcony and encourage you to spend time there.
Plants on the wall give a fresh and natural look without the need to care for and replace seedlings. Classic, wild or meadow patterns can be adapted to the nature of your apartment and you can enjoy the pleasant, green surroundings.

How to create a green balcony from outdoor mats?

The dream vertical garden on the balcony is within your reach. Its installation is simple, does not require many tools and will please the eye for many years.
First of all, choose a mat that suits your taste. You should get the accessories needed to create our green wall. We paint the wall or plate a dark color to prevent gaps. We can also use black fleece for this. In this case, we glue or nail the black undercoat to the selected place. Cut out the holes for the sockets and cut them to the desired shape.
Balcony mats are easy to cut and shape, so you can easily adjust them to the wall, column or stairs.
We stick a few staplers with the taper and nail our plants to the plate. We arrange the rest of the balcony with a comfortable seat and unique potted flowers to fill everything with greenery.

Balcony mats = wide application

The balcony mat can also cover the unwanted view. The green cover of the balcony will provide an original and atmospheric fence and decoration for years. A wall made of plants will also perfectly decorate interiors - apartments, offices and restaurants. Plants always create an amazing atmosphere and attract customers, and they do not require our attention and care. These modern covers can create an intimate atmosphere by separating tables, guests or back room.
Green mats are also perfect as decorations for weddings , weddings and special events. You can rent them or use them later as a souvenir and an amazing decoration for your new apartment. This saves a lot of trouble with living flowers, which are thrown away after a few days.

Plants for the wall - a modern decoration

An artificial green wall is an innovative solution to the problems associated with the cultivation of natural plants. With mats, we can cover the surfaces inside and outside and adapt them to our needs and preferences. In each place, they create a unique natural or tropical climate, which is shared by all visitors. Such covers for a balcony or a modular wall give a sense of harmony with nature without the need for complicated care.

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