Urban jungle at home. How to arrange plants and create an urban jungle?

Urban jungle at home. How to arrange plants and create an urban jungle?

The urban jungle is an absolute must-have of the season! It has been reigning in many houses and apartments for a long time, but it is still very popular. Plants arrange the interior in a magical way, which becomes natural, light and gives a lot of positive energy. They blend in perfectly with the walls in a variety of colors, and the more there are, the more they reflect the character of a typical home jungle.
Check how to arrange your apartment and what you can gain thanks to the urban jungle in your home!

What is the urban jungle?

The urban jungle is a trend related to the introduction of greenery to houses and apartments. As early as the nineteenth century , the term urban jungle appeared in the Times newspaper, but it raised slightly different issues than those that are associated with this term today. Due to the disappearing greenery from cities and the emerging concrete buildings, the term referred to buildings and squares that contained a small amount of plants, trees and flowers.
In the 21st century, the urban jungle style conquers interiors, and more and more people feel the need to have greenery in their surroundings that calms, relaxes, soothes the nerves and has a beneficial effect on our health. With the urban jungle at home, the prolonged winter or sun-scorched grass in the summer season is undoubtedly no threat.

First, flower pots!

Many people are afraid to opt for the urban jungle style. This is often due to the belief that plants must be difficult to handle. True, but creating a jungle at home does not necessarily mean having live flowers , which in the long run can be extremely problematic due to the need for constant watering and care.
Large decorative artificial flowers in a pot , beautiful and green, which, placed in the living room or living room on the floor next to the sofa, will give the room a unique character. If you feel that it is your style, you can expand your collection with new plants or other accents of the urban jungle at home.

Green accents on the wall and ceiling

By introducing the urban jungle style to their interiors, instead of ordinary paintings, decorative paintings of plants can hang on the wall, both in the form of a circle and a square. This is a great trend and an original idea that will delight many guests in your home. Plant images of moss, ferns or other plants wonderfully combine art with natural beauty , creating innovative arrangements that are able to breathe life into the interior of any house or apartment.
Another solution is to attach suspended ceilings made of plants or moss balls , which will bring some finesse and modernity to the home. Importantly, these decorations will take up little space and will add incredible freshness.

Get inspired by the urban jungle in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place that must be distinguished by aesthetics and functionality. It is worth taking care of its unique design due to the large amount of time that is just spent in it. What can improve your well-being after a hard day? Jungle at home!
Green, lots of green, which soothes the nerves and introduces you to a state of relaxation, thanks to which everyday duties will become a pleasure instead of a torment. Undoubtedly, flowers should be the most important decorative accent in a kitchen in the style of an urban jungle.
Flowers will be perfect for the floor, shelves and bookcases. Ferns and coils are a perfect match here. Of course, they can also be exotic flowers, such as a palm tree or an XXL banana tree provided that our kitchen has some unused space. We can also decorate the space with fresh herbs that will be useful when preparing dishes.

Urban jungle is an investment in your own comfort

Inspired by the urban jungle in the arrangement of rooms, it is worth using artificial plants, which are a more convenient option than their live counterparts. Care or watering takes a long time, and artificial plants equally beautifully reflect the nature of the jungle at home.
A few potted plants or a beautiful green painting can introduce an incredibly positive energy into the interior, which infects the household members. After all, it is green, due to the presence of this color in nature, that is considered in the psychology of colors to favor relaxation and is seen as the color of harmony and hope. That is why the jungle at home is a great idea for arranging any interior!

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