Summer on the balcony: 5 inspirations for a summer balcony arrangement

Summer on the balcony: 5 inspirations for a summer balcony arrangement

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. It's high time for cleaning and summer decorations for the balcony! Regardless of the dimensions, even in a small area you can design your own little paradise . You don't need a specialist for a simple but effective metamorphosis - below we present 5 ideas for arranging a balcony that will make summer holidays even more enjoyable.

General advice: it's a good idea to prepare a notebook or folder where you can write down all the ideas you like. First, draw a simple diagram of your balcony, complete with dimensions. Think about what environment you feel best in. This will make it easier for you to design further.

1. Rest area

Coffee in the morning, or maybe an afternoon with a book? Relaxing is more pleasant in the fresh air. There are many options that will allow you to create a relaxing corner on the balcony: a sofa made of pallets with cushions, a deckchair or a Brazilian hanging armchair will be perfect. An interesting idea is also a hammock that can be hung up and folded in a few minutes. A classic and at the same time practical solution are chairs or armchairs with a small table. They do not take up much space, and in winter the furniture can be hidden in the basement. They are available in various styles, you can easily match them to your vision. 

2. Ornamental grasses

Artificial grass rolls are a great summer decoration for a balcony Regardless of the weather, nothing bad will happen to them, they do not need to be watered, cared for or protected from the wind. Unlike live plants, you can take it easy and go on vacation. They will also help you create your own garden on the balcony so that you can enjoy the grass under your bare feet while having your morning coffee. They are available in various heights and densities, thanks to which you can make the right composition for your needs. Such grass fits perfectly with wooden furniture and accessories in the Boho style.

3. Own herbarium or greengrocer

How about summer decorations you can eat? If you don't have a plot, nothing is lost! Your balcony can be stylish, fragrant and eco-friendly at the same time. Bet on your favorite herbs, such as mint or basil. The choice of vegetables and fruits should be limited to those that do not need a lot of space. A good example is onions, garlic, parsley, cherry tomatoes and even climbing strawberries. And if you have more space, put paprika and tomatoes in the containers. When planning the layout of pots and plants, remember about good access to light and protection from the wind. You will quickly find out that working with plants is a great way to relax and reduce stress.

4. Vertical garden

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are one of the wonders of the world, and you can have one too. Verticulated gardens are a unique idea, especially in the city center, where we often lack greenery . They do not take up space and create an amazing atmosphere. They are also great as home decorations. They are available in various designs, they will make an impression during the day and at night, if you illuminate the balcony. This is perhaps the most amazing summer decoration this season. In addition, each copy is made to order, which will allow you to arrange your balcony space of your dreams. To get the full jungle atmosphere, install green suspended ceilings in your space as well !

5. The magic of lights

Who doesn't love the beautiful glow of lights on warm evenings? Lighting, if you choose it wisely, will complete any arrangement. They don't have to be boring, ordinary garden lamps. Currently, there are lighting elements on the market of any style: colorful, changing shades, twinkling, with a warm or cold shade. Make sure that these are external string lights. They can be hung along the railing and on the walls and ceiling . An innovative and ecological idea are garlands of lamps powered by solar energy. For fans of natural light, lanterns, lanterns and candles will be perfect, they will warm the atmosphere and give a romantic character. Even when not lit, they will be a beautiful summer decoration.

These balcony decorations for the summer are just a handful of inspiration. Let your imagination run wild and design your dream balcony. Make it a place where you can spend a nice time with friends or rest in sweet solitude. May this holiday be unique also at home!

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