Plants for a dark bathroom without a window - which one to choose?

Plants for a dark bathroom without a window - which one to choose?

A windowless bathroom is a rather troublesome place to grow flowers. There is also a common belief in Polish homes that flowers for the bathroom are not a good idea. Meanwhile, however, it is a very good way to introduce a relaxing mood, because it has been known for a long time that green has a soothing effect on the work of the entire nervous system. It can be no different in our bathrooms, even the dark and sad ones - just choose the right plants. What? We advise!

Plants in the bathroom - why is it worth it?

We think for all of us, the bathroom is a place to relax and rest after the hardships of everyday life. It has also been known for a long time that nothing is as relaxing as nature, i.e. the greenery of flowers and trees. The combination of both of these spheres is therefore a natural step to achieve the desired harmony in the bathroom. What's more, the plants in the bathroom blend in perfectly with the surroundings - depending on the selected plant species, you can move to a real jungle. Decorative solutions with plants in the bathroom will introduce an amazing atmosphere that will delight many guests.

What plants for a bathroom without a window - artificial or live?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a variety of flower species. Plants for a dark bathroom will be a perfect decoration, but remember that if you have a bathroom without a window, you will waste many living flowers. As you know, live plants need light, and unfortunately, in a room where it is lacking, we can only provide them with artificial lighting - and this may turn out to be insufficient. Artificial plants are a good choice for the bathroom, as they do not require any maintenance procedures, and at the same time do not mind the lack of natural light.

Why is it worth choosing artificial plants for a dark bathroom?

If you have a dark bathroom without a window, it is worth choosing artificial plants. They are trouble-free, and they can delight with their beauty all year round. Artificial flowers and plants are, above all, the lack of the problem of constant watering, tearing off dead leaves or cleaning falling parts. Even if a plant with a pot is overturned, soil does not spill out and needs to be cleared away.

What's more, artificial plants do not need to be replanted and fertilized, thanks to which they are a perfect, trouble-free decoration that fits perfectly into modern architecture. Most plastic plants are waterproof, so we don't have to worry about splashing them or boiling them with excess water vapor - there is no risk of moisture having a destructive effect on their appearance or durability.

What plants for dark bathrooms?

When choosing bathroom plants from artificial equivalents, we can choose any plant that interests us. We do not have to check whether a given flower or tree can withstand excessive moisture or limited access to light - with artificial plants we can even create a paradise, tropical garden, which we will enjoy regardless of the conditions inside and outside. The only limitation is the size of our bathroom. Fortunately, we can choose both impressive XXL palms and ordinary decorative plants or ornamental grasses .

Artificial plants for small and large bathrooms

When deciding to choose a decoration in the form of plants for the bathroom, you should consider the size of the room and where you want to place the flowers.

If we have a large bathroom, it is worth choosing a larger palm tree, such as Washingtonia Robusta, 2 meters high , or Strelitzia, 2.2 meters high . The Dypsis palm is perfect for a larger bathroom . With a free wall to use, the perfect design can be created by interior mats that create a wonderful green wall. There are many different mats to choose from, made of various plant species. Couldn't a wall of passion flower or clover look wonderful ?

In a small bathroom, we can place small potted flowers, e.g. sansewierie zelenice or beautiful aloe vera . An ideal solution can also be very fashionable ornamental grasses, such as a pampas pipe.

Plants for a bathroom with a window - the artificial variant is still a lot of benefits

A bathroom with a window is primarily a field for people who like live flowers. However, living in a constant hurry, do we really have time to care for plants? After all, it involves watering, fertilizing, transplanting and cleaning up the dried up parts. Artificial plants for the bathroom are a problem-free solution, regardless of the access of light in the room. They will create the perfect interior - clean, fresh, full of greenery that will amaze our guests. Their natural appearance will make them no different from live specimens, and the lack of care will make life much easier.

To sum up: if you have a bathroom without a window in your home, it is worth choosing a decoration made of artificial plants that will attract attention and enliven a dark interior. Artificial vegetation can be a great addition to damp, dark and cold bathrooms. Green has long been recognized as the color of nature, which is a symbol of health, harmony, freshness and rebirth. Thanks to this, the daily rituals in the bathroom can bring even more relaxation.

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