Panels and plant mats - what are the differences?

Panels and plant mats - what are the differences?

Vertical gardens are the latest fashion. Due to the multitude of various forms, functionality and trouble-free maintenance in an unchanged condition for a long time, they are extremely eagerly chosen by a wide range of users. But what is the difference between plant panels and plant mats? Let's take a closer look at the topic. Let's start!


Why is it worth using plant panels on the wall? 

The plant panel is a custom-made product. We make plant wall panels in sizes and shapes selected by the client, so that they perfectly match the interior design . Moreover, the additional advantage of this solution is that the orders are not limited in size. Therefore, we can create even huge plant compositions from them.

The plant panel is a single module of the entire arrangement, which is easy to install. The base of such a product is 5 cm thick . It can be hidden by mounting in a recess or by inserting the panel into the frame. Another solution is to finish the sides with vegetation.

One of the most popular versions are interior panels. Artificial vegetation does not require care and special lighting. We do not bear the risk of loss due to the possibility of not accepting a live plant or its disease. Flame- retardant plant panel is an excellent proposition, especially for offices. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This model of panels is resistant to sunlight and is also characterized by increased safety in the event of fires . The quality is guaranteed by the flame retardant certificate. 

The possibility of individual adjustment of the product allows professional architects and interior designers to let their imagination run wild, creating unique compositions for each client. Each element has its number so that you can easily recreate the created composition yourself. The waiting time for panels is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Indoor plant mats - how are they different from panels? 

The internal plant mat is an alternative to plant panels. Although at first glance they might seem identical products, there are some differences between them. Plant mats are ready-made elements sold in given sizes: 60 × 40 cm or 50 × 50 cm. What's more, their substrate is made of a thin, flexible mesh only 0.4 cm thick. It is made of plastic, which makes itvery easy to attach and cut. This solution allows you to adjust to non-standard shapes, or easily make a hole, for example, for a socket, even in the center of the mat. Plant mats are best mounted with an upholstery stapler, and the joining of elements will not be conspicuous.

We can choose from as many as 50 models of mats , so you can create a composition that meets our expectations. Different models can be combined with each other to create interesting plant arrangements. What's more, the mats can be installed in any place, e.g. on the ceiling, furniture, poles. The waiting time for the shipment of the order is up to 5 business days. 

Outdoor plant mats - unique facades of houses and public buildings.

Like panels, plant mats also come in variants intended for outdoor use. In this case also, we do not have to worry about the influence of sunlight on it. The mat will not fade because it has reputable certificates. 

Vertical gardens are certainly one of the most attractive and practical decorations of our homes or offices. If you want original and unique solutions, designed exactly to our requirements, then it is worth using plant panels on the wall. If, on the other hand, creating a perfect arrangement from ready-made plant compositions is not a problem for us, it is worth choosing plant mats. See for yourself how easy it is!

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