New products in Green Designers - artificial Mediterranean and tropical trees

New products in Green Designers - artificial Mediterranean and tropical trees

­Green vegetation is an extremely important element of modern arrangements - especially in the era of being inspired by nature, not only in terms of colors, but also in terms of materials and decorations. Live flowers, however, are demanding and significantly limit our possibilities. Contrary to them, artificial trees, shrubs and flowers allow us to create any arrangement effect in the interior.


The olive tree, or how to bring the Mediterranean climate to your home

When choosing artificial trees for your home, we do not have to limit ourselves to species growing in our climate. We can safely decide on the olive tree - a symbol of peace and fertility, and above all a symbol of the Balkan Peninsula. An artificial olive tree will allow us to introduce the atmosphere of Greece to a living room or office. It will not only be a reminder of holiday moments, but also a beautiful interior decoration. The olive tree has a special charm about it. Its long, delicate leaves in a dark (olive) color very effectively enliven the decor and refresh its character. Our olive tree  is available in two sizes to choose from, which is why it will work both in the arrangement of a study and a spacious living room.

Orange tree - decoration in an exotic style

Like the olive tree, the orange tree also allows you to create an original atmosphere in the interior. This decoration is distinguished by a colorful, energetic accent that is lacking in olive trees. Orange fruit on twigs will be perfect for a subdued arrangement that we would like to add character to. The orange tree is a sizeable plant (160 cm) that will look great especially in the living room. It is also worth combining them with other species that will also take the household members on a trip to tropical countries. Other exotic artificial trees that look like life are, among others, a banana tree or a fashionable monstera . Palm trees are also very popular, available in many sizes, even those exceeding 2 meters. The orange tree is the only one with twigs with good-looking, colorful fruit.

Artificial trees for the living room are a solution thanks to which even people who do not have a "hand" for plants can enjoy their aesthetic values at home. The artificial orange tree tempts with its juicy fruit, and the olive tree in the house is a symbol of prosperity and a good omen. With the help of such plants, we can create the effect of a specific microclimate in the interior, which will at least take us to warmer countries. 


Artificial trees - what are their advantages?

It is hard to imagine an apartment decorated with living trees. It is impossible, among other things, due to the high requirements of such plants. An extensive root system or extensive tree crowns would not fit even in a living room with a high ceiling. Meanwhile, artificial trees have fixed, strictly defined dimensions that will never change. They are placed in a decorative pot that does not take up much space, and the branches do not require pruning. High-quality artificial trees can imitate natural vegetation to the illusion. Importantly, they look fresh and are able to deceive our eyes.

Modern artificial trees look so realistic that many people have to touch or smell them to find out that they are not dealing with a living plant. Such a decoration is also easy to maintain, because it does not require any care and can be placed anywhere - artificial trees for the apartment will decorate even a windowless bathroom.

Check out our latest assortment of trees in various sizes.

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