A green picture of moss, ferns or monstera? Choose the most fashionable plant images!

A green picture of moss, ferns or monstera? Choose the most fashionable plant images!

A green wall, a tropical jungle, the density of moss, the delicacy of ferns, vertical ivy compositions ... - this is a green painting, the greatest interior design hit of the current seasons. For years, plant adaptations made of artificial flowers have been used in the Scandinavian style in interior decoration. Today, inspirations from the tropical jungle, deep green forests and the wild nature of Scandinavia are present in every style. So let's choose plant paintings, the most fashionable interior decoration!

1. Monstera leaf image - the most attractive shape of tropical leaves

Of all tropical plants, it is the monstera that has the most attractively shaped leaves. The image with the monstera leaf allows you to use their unusual form in any interior decoration. It works best where we want to get the impression of depth and dynamics typical of a tropical jungle.
The leaf blade of the monstera is finger-like, full of light-transmitting spaces. Large, round holes also appear naturally in it, which are an adaptation to life in the dark mountain jungles of Mexico. As a result, the characteristic monstera leaf has unusual decorative qualities. Tropical artificial greenery for the wall is dynamism, mystery and exoticism of subtropical forests.
Lush, shiny leaves are especially suitable for interiors with classic, richly decorated dark wood furniture. Their brilliance also makes them fit perfectly with the glamor style, in which they harmonize with gold and shiny accessories. The deep green of the monstera also creates an interesting combination with accessories in bold, saturated colors.

2. A circle made of artificial plants - a composition in a fashionable boho style

A circle of artificial plants on the wall fits perfectly with the avant-garde boho style, which boldly combines natural accessories from different eras and countries.
A green painting in the form of a circle is in itself a beautiful decoration that focuses the eye. It can be hung over a desk or bed. The green composition will bring harmony and peace to our interior, and at the same time positive energy.

3. Moss painting - geometric green composition

Small -format compositions made of artificial moss look best when combined. A small painting is a regular square that can be arranged in regular checkerboard arrangements.
The part of the wall surface that is not covered with moss reveals its color - this allows you to create interesting color arrangements with greenery. Regular checkerboards are the best choice for modern interiors dominated by geometric abstraction. It is also a good idea for a classic interior , in which moss paintings will allow you to achieve the effect of a baroque French garden. They resemble the regular ground floors (plant embroidery) and geometric lines of shrubs used in baroque gardens.
Larger, rectangular-shaped compositions also look interesting - the delicate, neutral moss structure allows you to easily match them with large decorative leaves. The fact that it is so delicate and neutral also makes large plant paintings with its use particularly suitable for decorating large surfaces.

4. Green painting with rocks - green combined with the raw beauty of minerals

A green wall with rocks looks impressive especially in a vertical position. The image of artificial plants is complemented by the beauty of the stone. It contains mainly rockeries, the most beautiful alpine plants. Also, that is why it is worth using it to emphasize verticals in interior design.
Pictures of artificial plants can introduce order and symmetry to the interior design. In the case of a green painting with rocks, it is especially clear - the composition is full of harmony, and the blue gray of the rock gives it dignity. So it is a composition that will look extremely effective in column arrangements. The delicate whiteness of the edges of the leaves and the gray of the rock also allow you to introduce light and shadow into the game interior.
Decorations with rockeries are characterized by not only classic elegance, but also a certain dynamism. 
In vertical arrangements, it allows the optical height of the rooms, but is also available in smaller sizes, in the form of a square. A small picture of plants with a rock is full of warmth and intimacy, it is worth using it as a kitchen decoration or in a simple, bright bedroom.

5. A colorful composition of artificial plants - a subtle combination of colors and shades

The subtle interweaving of light and deep green tones makes the multi-colored composition of artificial plants an exceptionally elegant decoration. This arrangement is complemented by colorful accents with leaves in faded earth tones. The subtlety of this decoration makes it perfect for elegant and subdued, as well as romantic and fairy-tale interiors.
The browns and broken reds used make the composition seem melancholic, autumnal at first glance. However, the sharp shapes of the elongated leaves break it. Thanks to this, it is a painting made of artificial plants with a very universal aesthetic. Pastel colors make it elegant, so it is suitable for use in subdued and classic rooms with traditional furniture. However, ash pink and a dark, broken orange color are also present in it. It is an image of artificial leaves, which may even evoke some marine associations - with corals and red algae. Thanks to such subtle and interesting colors, it can also be used in Mediterranean-style interiors - Italian, Greek and Provencal.
This type of decoration made of artificial plants will work well not only in the living room, but also in the bathroom or in the kitchen in a romantic or rustic style.

6. Wall ferns - simplicity and a dense, lush structure of leaves

Greenery made of artificial flowers has been a favorite decoration of Scandinavian-style apartments for almost a century. It is still one of the most modern and functional interior styles. Artificial ferns for the wall are especially suitable for it - the naturalness and simplicity of fern leaves are perfectly combined with Scandinavian functionalism. This composition is particularly dense and lush, which creates an interesting contrast to the severity of modern furniture.
Ferns will fit especially well with furniture with simple forms, especially white ones. The naturalness of the ferns fits perfectly into modern, minimalistic and loft-style interiors.It also fits well with office furniture, so it can be recommended as an interesting decorative image for company headquarters. On the other hand, fern was a plant particularly popular in the 60s and 70s - so it will also work great in retro and vintage interiors, including those referring to the forms of elegant, colorful abstractism or to the free style of flower-children.

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