Mobile walls - plant office panels for the organization of work space

Mobile walls - plant office panels for the organization of work space

Separating individual zones in the office can turn out to be quite a challenge. Especially in today's business, which is characterized by high dynamics and high flexibility. After all, it is sometimes necessary to reorganize an office, and the constant construction of plasterboard walls is usually an impossible solution. How can this problem be satisfactorily solved? A mobile partition wall comes in handy.

Office panels in a modern version

The dynamics of office work requires the need to make quick, non-invasive changes in the space of the dedicated workplace. It is often necessary to separate a part of the team of employees due to specific project tasks, arrange a meeting place with recruited candidates or visiting contractors or separate a relaxation zone. Traditional partition walls or movable objects imitating them, however, often do not give the desired visual effect. The Glicynia modular mobile wall will be a great solution in this case.

Mobile walls that please the eye

A mobile partition wall that imitates natural vegetation is an interesting solution. Its dense structure makes it impossible to distinguish it from real plants. Such office panels will surely delight many visitors. That is why plant panels are so popular not only among people who arrange office space, but also those who design restaurant interiors or other service points.

Office panels that resemble lush, live vegetation will also significantly improve the comfort of work. Certainly , the Alpine plant panel , combining St. John's wort, fern and ivy leaves, will appeal to everyone working in the new area on a daily basis. After all, the fulfillment of professional duties in favorable natural circumstances is something extremely rare.

Plant panels will add charm to any surface

Regardless of what exactly the mobile walls are supposed to separate, it will certainly look original. Their dense, plant structure will add charm to any part of the office, both dedicated to work and social and entertainment. Such solutions will appeal to even the most demanding. The more so because plant panels are a universal idea, suitable for any modern surface.

The plant panel allows not only to visibly emphasize the boundaries of the end of individual zones, but can also be a kind of alternative to the possibilities offered by a mobile acoustic wall. The mere separation of subsequent rooms may already give a satisfactory effect.

Mobile plant walls - tailored to flexible needs

The mobile wall , apart from its great appearance, also offers a lot of additional possibilities. All thanks to the ease of movement. Creating a dedicated space in just a few minutes is finally possible. It is enough to move these modern panels to the office and completely change the surface. Even the most dynamic situation no longer becomes any unrealistic challenge.

That is why mobile partition walls have so many supporters. In addition, the walls from our offer can be modified using various panels and mats that are available in our store! The Chemaora vertical garden, combining monstera leaves with juicy aloe and the royal forest palm, will be perfect . Organization of work is a pleasure, not a necessary problem to solve. In addition, a  mobile wall that looks so impressive will certainly refresh the room and add an unprecedented charm.

A great choice for any office

Mobile partition walls are a universal solution, suitable for offices and commercial premises with a different spectrum of activity. Plant panels are an idea for the times - they provide high aesthetic values and provide a flexible approach to the organization of office space. However, nothing prevents the mobile wall from permanently staying in one place. In both variants, it will be an original and unique solution.

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