How to arrange a house in a Scandinavian style?

How to arrange a house in a Scandinavian style?

Among the many well-known styles of interior design, the Scandinavian style is very popular. It comes from a modernist school and has been operating since the 1950s. Its main features are minimalism, simplicity, functionality and naturalness, consisting in the use of natural materials such as wood or leather. The use of the Scandinavian style has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the interior, gives an aura of harmony and functions in harmony with the ecology, while the decor itself does not require spending a fortune. Here are some effective tips on how to decorate your home or apartment in a Scandinavian style.

The most important features

The interior in the Scandinavian style is characterized by bright colors. White dominates, as well as various shades of gray and beige. According to the assumptions of this design, this is to compensate for the lack of natural light, typical of northern countries, where the Scandinavian style comes from.

Furniture and standard Scandinavian-style household utensils are, of course, where possible made of natural materials. Wood is the leader, metals, glass, stone and ceramics are also welcome.

Scandinavian interiors focus on functionality and comfort, which is why furniture and accessories are characterized by simplicity and lack of special decorations. The decorations, if any, are modest. For example , potted plants and flowers will work great in their role. Plants and the Scandinavian style harmonize perfectly with each other.

Scandinavian style living room

The most important room in any home is the living room. It is here that the household members spend time together and it is here that guests are usually invited. That is why the decor of the living room is crucial, because it somehow defines the style in which the house is arranged. In the Scandinavian style, the living room is to be an oasis of peace, comfort and relaxation. It may seem that bright colors are not necessarily conducive to these goals, but it can be offset by placing a large amount of textiles in the living room, such as, for example, a fur rug. When it comes to furniture, the ones made of wood will suit the best. It is also a good idea to include a green wall in the room .

Plants and the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian-style plants are a very important element of the decor. In apartments decorated in this style, we can often find them in every room. They give the interior freshness, add color and naturalness, which is very desirable in the Scandinavian style. However, fresh plants usually require regular and time-consuming care, which is difficult for most of us to find time for. Therefore, a good solution will also be ecological artificial plants that do not need to be cared for, and which, due to being made of environmentally friendly materials, still create an atmosphere of an interior that is in harmony with nature. Flowers are popular  , often placed on exposed window sills. It is also worth paying attention to artificial potted plants, such as, for example, the holey monstera.

Although the Scandinavian style is based on minimalism and simplicity, there is an exception in the case of plants. You should not be afraid of those much larger than standard houseplants, because large areas filled with greenery fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the decor. An interesting solution that is definitely worth paying attention to are vertical gardens . These are impressive walls completely covered with green vegetation, usually found in public buildings, but recently more and more often also in houses and apartments. The vertical garden will blend in perfectly with the Scandinavian interior, adding naturalness and color to it.


To sum up, for someone looking for an idea to decorate a house in harmony with ecology and nature, without spending too much money, and at the same time maintaining a good appearance and elegance of the interior, the Scandinavian style will certainly be one of the best choices. We hope that the information and advice in this text will help you decorate your home in this style.

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