Hanging plants, or how to decorate the ceiling in the living room

Hanging plants, or how to decorate the ceiling in the living room

Ceilings can be an underestimated element of an interior in the context of its decoration. Meanwhile, this considerable space can be perfectly developed and its additional potential unleashed. Remember that the ceiling decoration is not only a pretty lamp. One of the ways to emphasize its role in the aesthetics of the interior is to hang plants on it. Due to the location of the decorations, the use of artificial plants is gaining popularity. In the article, we will show you which specific hanging plants are suitable for use on the ceiling in the living room.

What are hanging artificial plants characterized by?

Artificial plants are returning to favor and are experiencing a real renaissance. Their growing popularity is the aftermath of how much they have changed. So far associated with trash and cheap plastic, in the current edition they are often indistinguishable from living plants.

This is because individual models of green decorations are made by hand - with the utmost care and attention to the natural appearance of the composition. Consequently, it is very difficult to find two identical arrangements. In turn, plants are as unique as their natural cousins.

When it comes to hanging plants, those intended for the ceiling are, of course, one of many proposals. We distinguish several groups of products in this segment, such as: suspended green ceilings, hanging hoops with plants, moss balls or plant balls. Noteworthy is the lampshade for the pendant lamp , which is an extremely designer interior lighting proposal, which can also be mounted on the ceiling.

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Below we present the most popular products from the category of hanging plants intended for hanging from the ceiling.

Plants hanging in the form of a suspended ceiling

Plant suspended ceilings constitute an extremely effective group of products They consist of leaves of hanging plants and additional, colorful compositions. The whole thing looks very spectacular. If it is possible to use the space under the ceiling for decorative purposes, it is worth considering one of the proposed products. Naturally, it is possible to personalize the composition to the customer's needs - both in terms of the composition of individual plants and the size of the composition.

Hanging hoops with plants

Plant hoops are recommended by us primarily as part of wedding decorations , but they are also great as decorative hanging plants at home. Ready-made rim compositions are a proposal for decorative use not only for special events, but also on a daily basis.

Moss balls

Decorative moss balls are a great example of an ornamental hanging plant in your home. This is an ideal option to decorate a relatively small space under the ceiling. As part of the presented proposals, we present both moss balls and armed with additional vegetation. Several of the presented proposals give the opportunity to compose whole sets in an interesting way. Oval shapes are perfect for modern living or office spaces.

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Deco collection

As part of the Deco collection , we have already presented an impressive lampshade, but it is definitely worth taking a closer look at it. The collection includes plants hanging for the home that can be mounted on the wall, under the ceiling, as well as standing plants. Extremely interesting are the proposals of plant balls or wall mirrors , and even a coffee table, over which, of course, a hanging plant will look great. The extremely effective rock compositions to hang also attract attention. This is one of the most interesting categories of our offer - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with it.

Drooping plants - when is it worth reaching for them?

Hanging artificial plants are an ideal decorative proposition for people who appreciate green at home, but cannot look after live plants. If you love a home space filled with greenery, and you often leave or have a poorly sunny apartment - green hanging plants are the perfect solution. They do not need to be cared for in any way, and they look alive.

The products mentioned in the article are only a small representation of Green Designers' offer. It is worth remembering that there is a wide possibility of personalizing them: adding additional species or cutting to size. As part of the services offered, we are also able to install plant decorations.

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