A green wall in the living room - 5 reasons why you should have it

A green wall in the living room - 5 reasons why you should have it



The trend for floral motifs in the living room does not pass contrary! Interior designers recommend decorating spaces with greenery and floral patterns. The green color is a symbol of fertility, hope and nature. What more could you wish for? Stylish curtains and decorations full of green accents will create a cozy and soothing atmosphere in every room. A vertical garden is gaining popularity , which will significantly emphasize the aesthetics of the arrangement. The green wall effect will bring harmony and harmony to nature in the living room. Why is it worth having such an ornament in your living room? 

A green wall in the interior - the effect of the garden all year round

A green wall introduces a spring atmosphere to any interior. In the case of a wall made of artificial plants, we are also talking about completely maintenance-free, time-free and maintenance-free decoration . According to the latest arrangement trends, one of the most popular is a wall made of exotic plants . It does not need proper sunlight or watering. With such a green wall, you can enjoy the effect of a charming garden in your living room all year round. Live plants do not always adopt in a given environment, have specific requirements and, unfortunately, get sick.

On the other hand, the concept of a vertical garden can also turn out to be a perfect complement and background for a well-kept collection of live plants . You can choose from panels full of green or those rich in colorful flowers. These types of decorations reflect garden discounts and provide a unique variety to the interior.

The phenomenal, realistic effect of green panels attracts attention . Lush, dense and with different heights of individual plants, green walls are a fashionable and unique decoration of any home. An unusual play of light and shadow permeates the characteristic structure of the composition.

Vertical garden - a great way to improve your well-being

A green wall in the living room brings to mind nature awakening to life and therefore has a strong psychological effect. Surrounded by a green wall, family members can easily calm down and relax.
Man is part of nature and needs plants around him. Near the green walls it is easy to calm down and relax. They create a comfortable oasis at home . In such an organized space, the body regenerates freely and thus it is easier to release new amounts of energy needed for action. The extraordinary advantage of such an arrangement is also the fact that it creates a holiday atmosphere in the apartment, thanks to which it can put the household in an optimistic mood.

No concept for wall decoration? The green panel will solve the problem

The vertical garden is a great alternative to paintings, shelves with decorations or flower beds. A green wall enriches the interior in a unique way and fits into any arrangement . It is a very universal decoration inside the house that will always look aesthetically pleasing.
Which plants to choose will depend mainly on the taste of the owners. When choosing the style of the panels, the place of their location in the living room is not without significance. For example, a lush wall of ferns will fit perfectly in the quiet recesses . You can choose short moss in smaller spaces, where there is no room for large plants. The green wall will be perfectly accentuated by single flowers with vivid colors.

Artificial plants will enrich the arrangement of the house

Green walls are a perfect background for furnishing and decorating the apartment. Such greenery is an ornament in itself, and is also largely responsible for the cozy atmosphere inside the house.
The high quality of the green wall will meet the expectations of even the most demanding tastes. The precision of the vertical garden makes it a perfect match for luxury interiors. Green walls are handmade to size, taking into account individual customer needs . Thanks to exclusive panels, you can create an original, imaginative and unusual interior.
An attribute of such arrangements is that they are created using products with guaranteed uniqueness. In the case of green walls made by hand, there is no repeatability or mass solutions. Apart from the panels full of greenery, the owners of glamor-style salons will also be proud of the walls full of flowers.

Green walls are a perfect decoration for amateurs of Scandinavian and industrial style

Scandinavian styling has mastered the interior many years ago. Especially household members who appreciate the ecological lifestyle feel great in the natural Scandi space. The Scandinavian salon is ruled by subdued colors as well as simple and functional solutions. Of course, such an arrangement must not be complete without plants. A vertical garden will therefore turn out to be an excellent option .
Taking into account the current global trends, a green wall can also be successfully used by fans of a raw loft at home. The Botanical Loft style is against such an arrangement, which delights with a charming fusion of cool steel and concrete with the richness of vegetation.

The advantage of green walls is also their easy installation , which does not require professional equipment . The customer receives vegetation on numbered panels. Thanks to the detailed instructions included in the manual, the green wall can be easily installed on its own. If the composition will not be mounted in a recess, decorative moldings or frames can be installed next to the vertical garden. Their task will be to hide the sides of the garden, where the base of the decoration is visible. Otherwise, upon request, these edges can also be finished with vegetation.

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