Artificial palm trees at home, an exotic mood all year round

Artificial palm trees at home, an exotic mood all year round

You want to add a bit of an exotic look to your home, but are you worried about growing a living plant? The purchase of an artificial palm tree is a great idea for the forgetful and those with a heavy hand for plants! Such a palm tree is very durable and will please our eyes for many years. Below, we tell you more about these artificial plants and we suggest what to pay attention to when choosing them!

Is it worth choosing artificial palm trees at home?

Artificial palm trees for home are a great idea for people who cannot cope with growing real plants. We do not have to worry about watering, fertilizing and choosing the right position for our plant. An artificial palm tree for the home is usually made of a very durable material and will look great all year round. Probably most of you are wondering if such a palm tree for your home will not look artificial and cheesy? Well no! Many artificial plants now look very natural and are hard to tell apart from the real ones. Manufacturers ensure great quality, both in terms of material and workmanship. If you want to add a tropical character to your interior, a potted palm tree will be a great solution for you!

Artificial palm - which one to choose?

There are really many species and sizes of artificial palm trees on the market. We can mention, among others:  areka palm, arenga palm, ravenea palm or royal palm. There are also many variants of the height and span of the crown, which we will certainly perfectly match our interior. Artificial palm is becoming more and more popular and is also a frequent decorative element of many offices and companies. As for prices - they are very different. From several hundred to even several thousand zlotys. The price goes beyond the size, above all the quality. If we want an artificial palm tree to be well-made and aesthetically pleasing - it is worth investing a bit more.

What is worth paying attention to when buying an artificial palm tree?

Prices for artificial palm trees vary, but first of all, one should be guided by the quality of workmanship. It is important whether they are made of durable materials and look almost like living plants. Palm trees are often made by hand, with great attention to detail, and the materials used should be highly durable and resistant to damage, e.g. polyester or other plastics.

Palm trees are a simple solution as a decoration in an office or shopping center. They are also perfect for travel agencies, spa salons or water parks! It is worth remembering that artificial plants are odorless and hypoallergenic, thanks to which they will work in any workplace and in many public spaces!

Let's also consider how big our palm should be . Various heights (up to 3.5 m), crown widths, shoot arrangement, leaf density and various color variants are available.

Palm trees for the garden - what should you know about them?

Few people probably know that an artificial palm will work well not only indoors, but also outdoors. The palm tree will give an unusual look and a tropical character to your terrace! It will create an unusual and exotic climate all year round! The garden palm will be an excellent choice for people who do not have the time and talent to deal with demanding plants , and also if they cannot provide the plant with appropriate habitat and water conditions in their garden.

Please note that if we want to put the palm trees outside, they should not stand in full sun. This can cause them to deteriorate and fade faster, unless we protect them with a special UV protective layer . We should also remember that the artificial potted palm tree is not resistant to precipitation, so let's try to protect it from rain and snow so that it looks attractive for a long time.

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