Artificial flowers at home: 8 reasons why you should choose them

Artificial flowers at home: 8 reasons why you should choose them

Artificial flowers will change the decor of many rooms as effectively as their live counterparts. They will also have a positive effect on your well-being. Greenery and flowers - also artificial ones! - soothe our torn nerves and recharge the batteries of well-being. In addition, they also look exactly like real plants.

However, their advantages do not end there. As it turns out, a bouquet and other decorations made of artificial flowers have many more advantages that can intimidate their vivid counterparts. Below are 7 reasons why you should put artificial flowers in your home!

1. All kinds of flowers at your fingertips

This is probably one of those arguments that appeals to even the greatest supporters of living plants. By decorating your home with artificial flowers, you can not only achieve a much more lasting effect, but also allow yourself to implement any, even the most fanciful design.
Live plants in this regard are much more demanding. When buying them, you should know whether we will be able to provide them with sufficient daylight and humidity at home. In the case of artificial flowers, the problem does not concern us at all. They can be placed anywhere - even in a bathroom that does not have windows. The enormity of the possibilities also means that you can get them in many interesting variants. Artificial flowers on the wall (e.g. in the form of panels or interior mats ) that you can simply hang - without drilling into the wall.

2. Forget about time-consuming care

In the case of artificial flowers, care is neither difficult nor demanding - it is difficult to say about any care! Artificial plants do not require watering, fertilizing, sunlight or any other treatments, without which real plants cannot survive. It is enough to put them in a vase - and they can successfully spend many years in it.
For this reason , artificial flowers are a great solution for people who travel frequently. They no longer have to fear that the untreated plants will die.

3. Artificial flowers give more

Artificial flowers in the living room or in any other room not only look like live plants, but also do not fade! In practice, this means that they can enjoy the eyes with flower buds and evergreen leaves, regardless of the season, degree of hydration, sunlight , etc. The arrangement created from them will not wither, so you do not have to get rid of it. For this reason, artificial plants are also very often found on balconies and terraces. They are not afraid of heat, rain or freezing temperatures.

4. "How real!" Or realistic look

The truth is that artificial flowers are very hard to tell with the naked eye from their live counterparts. Modern technologies used in their production allow for obtaining the same colors, leaf structure and other aspects that a real flower has. High-quality materials also make them feel similar to the touch. It should also be remembered that the highest class of workmanship guarantees the length of use, which does not end after a few days after breaking. They can be used indefinitely.

5. The allergy sufferers' paradise is strewn with artificial flowers

Live plants very often cause many troublesome and even health-threatening allergies. However, if we only use artificial flowers - we can forget about them forever! Artificial plants do not emit pollen or odors that can make you feel breathless. Thanks to this, they do not sensitize or cause irritation. Therefore, people who struggle with allergies often reach for them.

6. A way to deal with wayward animals

In addition to the allergies they can trigger or the amount of responsibilities they generate, pets are also at the forefront of the reasons many of us do not have real plants in our homes. In particular, these are cats that passionately devastate the potted palm trees filled with earth , and these do not tolerate excavation. So if the lack of plants in your apartment is caused by the presence of an animal - reach for artificial flowers. Certainly, they will not be attacked so often, and the possible losses resulting from the activity of the quadruped will be small.

7. Attractive price and a safe investment

Contrary to appearances, keeping one vase filled with freshly cut flowers can generate expenses from 15 to even 100 PLN a week! Cut flowers cost money and, unfortunately, are not immortal. Assuming that we buy a bouquet consisting of 3 to 5 pieces of flowers each week, their weekly replacement may cost even several hundred zlotys per year.
Therefore, artificial flowers, e.g. in the form of decorative pot inserts , are a great alternative for those who do not want to strain their budget. Artificial flowers can look really phenomenal. The more that they can be used to create many arrangements that can be freely modified over time and not spend more money.

8. Artificial flowers - a fashionable addition to the apartment

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that artificial plants are better than no plants at all. It is not about replacing living plants with artificial ones, but about supplementing the arrangement or the possibility of installing them where the real ones will not survive. Artificial vegetation, due to the fact that it does not require any care, is an excellent idea for arranging space in the homes of busy people. With their help, you can also give the interior a soul. Being close to greenery (even the artificial one) relaxes and relaxes, so put on artificial flowers in your home and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that will never wither!

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