Green decorations: 7 tips to decorate your home with plants

Green decorations: 7 tips to decorate your home with plants

Potted plants are beautiful decorations that can be found in many homes and apartments. They create a feeling of closeness to nature, and the green color soothes the well-being, facilitating relaxation. Properly selected flowers will become the perfect complement to the decor, and the wide range of products that can be found on the market allows you to choose plants that suit every taste. How to decorate your home with plants to achieve the desired effect?

1. Choosing a place for plants

One of the most important issues is the right choice of the place where the plant will be placed. Some indoor flowers need a lot of light, while others prefer slightly more shaded areas. The humidity in a given room is also important - especially in the case of a bathroom. People who do not have experience in flower growing are recommended undemanding species or artificial plants In the case of the latter, it is worth adding that they allow you not to worry about issues related to access to light. Artificial flowers at home will revive even a dark hallway.

2. Appropriate plant placement

Plants in the apartment should be properly arranged. It is better to avoid a situation where there are several large pots in one room, and flower arrangements do not appear in the other. A well-thought-out and fairly even arrangement of the pots in the apartment will avoid the impression of chaos and will provide a much more interesting aesthetic experience. When arranging spacious rooms, for example by arranging flowers in the living room, it is better to choose a smaller number of plants, but opt for larger specimens - for example, tall, artificial grass Miscant.

3. Pots make a difference

The selection of pots is extremely important, especially in the case of flowers in the home. The plants are supposed to be the main decoration, so you should avoid too large covers that would distract from the flowers. A nice container can, however, emphasize the interior design. In utility rooms, such as a kitchen or bathroom, plastic pots can work well, while ceramic or wicker ones will look good in a bedroom, living room or hall. Often you can also find casings with interesting patterns, metal accessories or wooden elements.

4. Matching the plant species to the room

Another important issue is the choice of a plant species that will not conflict with the character of a given room. When creating a floral arrangement for the kitchen, you should not choose large plants - herbs or small potted flowers will work better.

In turn, a large living room can be decorated with two or three large plants. It is worth remembering that some flowers can litter the room with falling parts of the plant. If there is no time to clean up, artificial flowers can be chosen. For example, it can be Wshingtonia Robusta or the decorative Oleander tree.

5. Matching flowers to the style of the interior

The aforementioned selection of plants for the purpose of the room is not all. Interior design also matters.

The palm, despite the fact that it draws attention with its exotic appearance, will not fit in a rustic-style living room - begonias, hydrangeas or ferns are suitable for rooms of this nature. Large flowers in vivid colors are delightful, but are unlikely to be suitable for Scandinavian interiors. Rooms decorated in the Scandinavian style can be decorated with an arrangement of delicate flowers and complemented with natural materials such as wood or stones.

6. Planning the arrangement

The arrangement of the flowers can ultimately determine whether they will be ornaments or poorly placed pots. Potted plants can be placed on a ladder, in a cage, and even on a hanger or in a vessel. When planning an arrangement, it is worth taking an interest in vertical gardens, for example our new Tropical Freshness model .

7. Including personal issues

There are personal considerations when buying flowers for your home. Busy people may not have time for demanding care, which is what some plant species require. Certain limitations when choosing potted flowers are also caused by allergies - both specific plants and the soil filling the pots can cause unpleasant symptoms. In such a situation, the safest choice will be artificial flowers that do not cause allergies and do not require time-consuming care.

Plants, i.e. universal ornaments

Floral arrangements are decorations that fit almost any interior. Properly selected and thoughtfully arranged, they will give the room a new character. It is worth remembering that good-quality artificial flowers look real and are much easier to maintain. During winter evenings, green plants will bring back memories of spring landscapes.

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