Beautiful kitchen: 5 inspirations for an arrangement

Beautiful kitchen: 5 inspirations for an arrangement


A kitchen is a room that can be found in every home and office. To make its interior stand out from the others, it is worth adding something characteristic and delightful. A good impression in gastronomy is not only great food, but also a tasteful decor. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the original accent and introduction of plants .

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can easily decorate it with greenery. This color will refresh the interior and introduce a pleasant atmosphere. We present to you 5 inspirations for a beautiful kitchen using Green Designers products!

Creative kitchen, i.e. a hood with vegetation

Do you like to surprise and be original? Show your personality in your space. Remember that the kitchen doesn't have to be boring! The perfectly balanced style is easily combined with a variety of plant decorations . You can add a distinctive touch with flowers decorating the eaves. It is an original idea for greening the interior of the kitchen and making a big impression on the guests. The decorative element in a forest atmosphere, which is visible in the photos, was made to the individual order of the client. Be original and design your green space with us!

Okap z roślin

Modern kitchen design

Is minimalism something you love? If so, a modern kitchen is the perfect solution for you. It is determined by the simplicity, smooth surface of the fronts, functionality of the room and limitation of accessories. With a modern design, it is worth focusing on one, characteristic accent in the form of a green wall. Green Designers Vertical Gardens will help you create the perfect combination of class and elegance. The composition that was perfectly found in the modern kitchen space visible in the photos is the Chemaora panel . Breaking the classic blackness with lush greenery and varied vegetation impresses everyone.

Kwiaty w kuchni

Flowers in the open kitchen

A bar or an island are often used in kitchens. It is a good way to visually divide a space into individual functions in a house or apartment with the help of greenery. The combination of a kitchenette with a potted insert full of green plants will introduce an interesting design and warm interior design. If you dream of maintenance-free greenery, the Nature Pride pot insert , which was used in the following implementation, will be the perfect solution. It has enlivened the bright interior and added an exotic atmosphere.

Green wall in the kitchen

An interesting accent in any kitchen can be decorative mats made of artificial plants. Flexible green elements will surely find their place in any place due to their thin base. Their flexible backing makes it easy to adapt them to rounded surfaces. Thanks to this, you will easily and quickly green the space. They can be used on the ceiling, wall, above the kitchen counter, or on the island visible in the photos and in many other places. The green-pink Fumaria mat is light in reception and can become an interesting accent in any space.

Mata ze sztucznych roślin

Plants hanging on the wall

Flowers hanging on the wall are a great accessory that can be easily adapted to any space. In addition to the cheerful and relaxing color of green, they also allow you to keep a free cooking space, because they do not interfere with the countertop. They are perfect for a small kitchen. Hanging plant inserts are not the only solution of this type. We can also use green paintings that will look beautiful with their rich composition and hanging plants.

Rośliny w kuchni

With the help of Green Designers , you can easily liven up the interior of your kitchen. Visit our store and use original decorations and plants to bring greenery to your space!


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