10 ideas for a vertical garden

10 ideas for a vertical garden

Vertical gardens, i.e. green walls made of plants, are an exceptionally sophisticated way to emphasize the design and aesthetics of a given place. More and more often, the owners, managers of buildings and public institutions as well as private individuals are reaching for a solution in the form of vertical gardens. If you plan to establish a vertical garden in your home or utility building, below are some inspirations that will help you get a dazzling, original effect and provide you with a relaxing green zone in your immediate surroundings.

1. Green wall in the house

To create a vertical garden in the form of a green wall, choose one of the main walls in the house or apartment. With a large area at your disposal, you can combine different species of climbing plants, such as ivy, ficus, or bet on one species, such as moss or ferns , creating the impression of incredible depth.

2. Vertical garden à la green picture

A small vertical garden on a framed wall will bring image benefits to modern rooms such as bathrooms, but also to commercial interiors such as offices or receptions. Plants in an exotic climate will give the room a tropical character and make the raw interior cease to be "cold" and repulsive.

3. Miniature vertical garden for the kitchen

Vertical kitchen herbariums and vegetable gardens are becoming more and more popular. They save a lot of space, and additionally decorate the interior of the kitchen, bringing a breath of greenery and freshness. To create this type of vertical garden, you can use pallets in the vertical plane, in which you can put your favorite herbs or vegetables in decorated pots, which will add elegance to the whole structure.

4. A screen made of plants

The vertical garden is also a perfect solution for terraced balconies or terraces in blocks and high-rise buildings. A wall of plants in these places will allow you to maintain privacy and at the same time create a beautiful decoration for which you can use plant species that like a lot of sunlight.

5. A column of plants

In office buildings or commercial spaces, you can use the surface of a concrete column or column to create a green wall. The braided structure will add a unique aura to the interior, and in winter it will allow you to relax surrounded by green, lush and untamed vegetation.

6. Illuminated vertical garden on the ceiling

An unconventional idea for a vertical garden at home is to arrange the ceiling for mounting panels with your favorite plants. To create an atmospheric mood in the bedroom, use lush flowers and soft LED lighting.

7. A table with greenery

If you are looking for inspiration to embellish a minimalist space in a loft or Scandinavian style, maybe you should consider creating a vertical garden in the form of a table ? On the table you can place species of tall flowering plants such as orchids or frizea, and hang, for example, moss balls above it to intensify the green effect and add a truly forest character to the interior.

8. Vertical wall in front of the house

A vertical garden at home, and maybe also outside? This type of design is more and more often found in urban spaces where there is no space for traditional flower beds. You can use a metal pergola with flowers or use the facade of the building to design a cozy corner on the porch.

9. Live wallpaper

Here is an idea for a vertical garden for people who prefer more intricate structures. From the panels you can create a varied composition, for example, the interior of the equatorial forest, which will combine the juicy green of grasses, fruit bushes and tropical creepers. Unlike a photo wallpaper, it will allow you to experience the beauty of plants tangibly.

10. Vegetable arc

Are you planning a house renovation or finishing and you love greenery? An original alternative to potted plants will be to build an arch in the wall as a transition between rooms, which you can use to create a phenomenal decoration in the form of a vertical garden. Use the inside of the arch to place a few panels of plants that will make you create a substitute for an English garden within your own four walls.


If you want to take the decor of your room to the next level, vertical gardens in your home will hit the spot. The panels to create a green wall are made to order, so all you need to do is decide on their location and plan the appearance of the arrangement. We hope that the above inspirations will help you achieve a spectacular effect that will exceed your expectations.

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